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[audio]Speechless - Cock 7
Keywords: rhythmic noise
Downloads: 45
[audio]Rhythmic Circus Live at WPKN Studios on 2013-07-07 - Rhythmic Circus
Rhythmic Circus Live on WPKN's "Sunday Brunch" July 7, 2013 Cryin' Shame Fake World Vampire Viola Lee Blues It Happens Lightning Pay The Rent Saved! Eyesight To The Blind > Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
Keywords: Rhythmic Circus
Downloads: 10
[audio]V.A. - VAWS II
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 19
[movies]Rhythmic Circus Live @ The Hungry Tiger "Fallen Gypsy"
live Cinco de Mayo
Keywords: rhythmic circus
Downloads: 18
[audio]V.A. - VAWS V+
V.A. - VAWS V+
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 53
[audio]weft - nebogeo
Live coded, and live evolved music. Weft1 is an absurd melodic ramble. Weft2 goes wrong throughout, with pleasant bursts of noise.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 228
[audio]foxes glitchyneebomix - nebogeo
A remix of edge effect's "foxes in the alley"
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 505
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 45
[audio]D@RU5_2012_JAN_NOIZ_MIX. - D@RU5
Catastrophe Noise - Do Not Fear The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Rammer Cacophoneuses - Cacophoneuses - Monkeys [At]Tack Combichrist - Prince Of E-Ville(Distortion Six Rmx) Hydrocyanic - Nasty Beatz Sonitus - NigerPingPongCube (Infiltrated by GIUSY L@ [DINGUE]) Dotcore - Cybernetics Adjustment Gas Masked Lestat - International Mind Control Distortion Six - Spirithunter The Innit Project - Korrozion The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Gothic Ass Stainless.4571 - Daishi Dirty K - Evil Streak Dirty K ...
Keywords: Rhythmic Noiz
Downloads: 64
[audio][ffs72] Noisebleed - God Is Dead. Viva La Tumulte! - Noisebleed
Recorded in the beginning of 2006. Rhythmic industrial, noise and a little chippy sometimes.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 651
[movies]Rhythmic Circus live @ The Hungry Tiger "Wander"
Cinco de Mayo
Keywords: rhythmic circus
Downloads: 18
[audio][ffs15] Noisebleed - Suicide - Noisebleed
From the artist: Twenty minutes of power noise. I recorded these songs in July and August 2005. Though each of them is self-contained, when you put them together they seem to me to be well reflecting the nature of title suicide or destruction on the whole. On the other hand - there's always possibility you could hear something completely different, like the common noise. It doesn't matter.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 640
[audio]psychotiko - Giona Vinti
kinda darkcore track, contain a mantra to fight fear and focus your will.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 1,024
[audio]V.A. - VAWS IV
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 21
[audio]V.A. - VAWS III
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 24
[audio]weft3 - nebogeo
Barely controlled evolved and livecoded techno nonsense.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 280
[etree]Rhythmic Circus Live at WPKN Studios on 2013-07-07 - Rhythmic Circus
Rhythmic Circus Live on WPKN's "Sunday Brunch" July 7, 2013 Cryin' Shame Fake World Vampire Viola Lee Blues [interview] It Happens Lightning Pay The Rent Saved! Eyesight To The Blind > Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
Keywords: Rhythmic Circus
Downloads: 53
[audio]Brain Damage
When you listen to this...
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 26
[audio]Mystery Hearsay - Honey Anvil Syrup [zero139a] - Mystery Hearsay
The second part of the Mystery Hearsay trilogy for zeromoon. The beat is ferocious, the guitars seering, this is old school post industrial beats at its heaviest and finest. Heavy mixing and editing by MC Ladno.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 2,915 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[collection]Rhythmic Circus - Rhythmic Circus

Keywords: Rhythmic Circus
Downloads: 388
[audio]Merke Uro Free - Jazz From Anti Space (EP) (2014)
Rhythmic Noise Mantra.
Keywords: Noise / Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 2
[audio]Contra Funky - Revlin
Multi-layered frenzy
Keywords: Guitars; Layered; Rhythmic
Downloads: 12
[audio]Machined - Mechanical Abstractions - Machined
mp3 album
Keywords: rhythmic noise; industrial; ambient
Downloads: 104
[audio][VNN-051] Ninpu - Krosot & Hinyouki
Full frontal harsh noise that twists and turns down rhythmic oscillations. From time to time a possessed computer makes an appearance to give it some livelihood.
Keywords: harsh noise; rhythmic; chiptune
Downloads: 92
[audio]Stonda - Codename: Axia [od025] - Stonda
proudly ogredung releases its first track from a european country (apart italy), that is, the finnish stonda and his codename axia. hmm if i'm not wrong we already released some noise, with leaving the candygirl by purusha (ogredung#08), and now noise is back with this great tune! harshing breakbeats, dark noise ambients, recycled grooves... hmm we love it, definitely honey for our ears!
Keywords: Electronic; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 995
[audio]drip versions - Claude Heiland-Allen
a tap drips landing near the inside edge of a metal bowl suspended in mid air which goes "ting" when a drip lands the drips flow down into the bowl spreading out as they go from sharp spikes of mass (impulse train) becoming overlapping humps (near-Gaussian) and eventually flat the bowl has a small hole in the middle when enough liquid has accumulated from the flow of the drips into the bowl to overcome surface tension the liquid drips through the hole underneath the hole in the bowl is another b...
Keywords: Chaos; Drone; Minimal; Rhythmic
Downloads: 30
[audio]Hyperdriver - The Dark Days
The 2001 album The Dark Days was originally released as a D.A.M. CD on the old and when it all went belly up the album became unavailable. Until now. Most of these 11 tracks date from the late 90's and The Dark Days was a collection of these previously unused (or underused) tracks. The track "Mental" dates from 1998 and was the second ever Hyperdriver track.
Keywords: Breakcore Gabber Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 25
[audio]Rhythmic Disorder - Kava - Tomi L
experimental Breakbeat music
Keywords: experimental; Rhythmic; Disorder
Downloads: 50
[audio]Information Dubs
Rhythmic drone noise.
Keywords: Rhythmic; Drone; Noise
Downloads: 11
[audio]TERRORFAKT : The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself (Vinyl) [2007] - Terrorfakt
TERRORFAKT : The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself (Vinyl) [2007] XX A1 Achtung (Cervello Elettronico Remix) [5:36] A2 Skullfucker [3:18] XXX B1 The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself [4:35] B2 Headcase (Floppy Disk Remix) [5:49]
Keywords: Terrorfakt; Industrial; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 46
[audio]Chrysalide - Personal Revolution (2014)
Album Prewiew
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise; Industrial; EBM
Downloads: 32
[audio]Autoclav1.1 - Portents Call (2013)
Album Prewiew
Keywords: IDM; Rhythmic Noise; Electronic
Downloads: 38
[audio]SA20 - Post Apocalyptic Zombie - Waves of Terror - Post Apocalyptic Zombie
SA20 - Post Apocalyptic Zombie - Waves of Terror ------------------------------------------------ 01 Waves of Terror 02 Marching Through A Bronchial Assault 03 Fallout Test I 04 Sower of Wars 05 Close Call At The Factory 06 Marching Faster Through A Bronchial Assault 07 Plastic Water 08 Fallout Test II 09 Broken Toybox ------------------------------------------------ Pulsing rhythmic noise. Almost dance-ish but in a broken disturbed way...
Keywords: rhythmic, noise, electronic
Downloads: 340
[audio]Kevin M Krebs - Sine Fiction vol. VII) The Soft Machine [sine007] - Kevin M Krebs
Continuing the William S Burroughs trilogy, the hideous Mayan caper is exposed by the haunting tracks of Kevin M Krebs (833-45, Emit). Have you become the Sailor, wandering through eerie electronic landscapes littered with discarded Trak goods?(See also Sine Fiction volumes VI and IX)
Keywords: Glitch; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 8,865 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Philémon - Potlatch W [nt030] - Philémon
Done as a "potlatch" type exchange with a friend, Alexandre Warren, these four harsh tracks from Philémon (Napalm Jazz) make for a demanding listening. Heavy, cathartic white noise & assorted poisoned candy.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise; Improv
Downloads: 3,809
[audio][ffs113] soundZcapa - melting feb - soundZcapa
Melting Feb - a short, hypnotic noise ep.
Keywords: Noise; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 789
[audio]Stackoverflow - Transfer Interrupted! [nt9002] - Stackoverflow
Second No Type release from the barely existing Stackoverflow, this one a full-length including a flurry of scary, awesomely improper noisebeats inspired from the various error messages one can get on the web... What a concept!
Keywords: Noise; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 6,977
[audio]Heat - Another Neglected Hobby
“Heat” by Another Neglected Hobby is a departure from some of the longer ambient drone pieces that are typical for the genre in which they record. This album is a collection of shorter, more rhythmic and melodic works building on repetitive phrases and tones. The mood invoked by the sounds on this album ranges from light and whimsical, as in the song “Lobby” to the darker, more menacing-sounding tracks like “Radiate” and “Heat”.
Keywords: ambient; soundscape; rhythmic; drone
Downloads: 1,546
[audio]contra40: Contra - Cryptomaniac - Contra
There are two ways of understanding the notion of play: playing cards, dominos, checkers; or the play of a mechanical part when it is loose in its housing. I think, in fact, that the second is the angle from which we should envision play today. Play is not something that brings pleasure; on the contrary, it expresses a shift in reality, an unaccustomed mobility with respect to reality. To play today, in a certain sense, means to choose between two realities...
Keywords: industrial; gabber; noise; rhythmic
Downloads: 269
[audio]833-45 - Wavelength [nt020] - K M Krebs
K M Krebs returns to No Type for a new five-track EP whose tracks are, surprisingly, unnamed. Wavelength is a space hike of sorts, a unique blend of otherworldly radio frequencies & elemental beats.
Keywords: Ambient/noise; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 2,410 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Stackoverflow - Rubitcow [nt038] - Stackoverflow
Third (& probably last) release from Stackoverflow, compiling two mysterious tracks received some day on MiniDisc format & going by the name Rubitcow. Added as a bonus is the original version of Love is Evol Backwards.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise; Noise
Downloads: 2,442
[audio]Tatlum - Object - Tatlum
mp3 album
Keywords: rhythmic noise; industrial
Downloads: 193
[audio]833-45 - Distance [nt012] - K M Krebs
Distance is the debut EP from K M Krebs, now a prominent figure of the netlabel scene. This stunning debut establishes the shortwave texture aesthetic that would be the defining mark of 833-45 in his following albums, but is also host to some seriously dirty, broken rhythms.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise; Ambient Techno
Downloads: 18,540
[audio]833-45 - Sunspot [nt040] - K M Krebs
833-45 (K M Krebs) goes into compact mode with this release, compressing his elemental/ethereal mode into a brilliant little 6-track EP, to be listened to, of course, in continuity.
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 3,927 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Stackoverflow - Love is evol backwards [nt005] - Stackoverflow
Released on Valentine's Day 1999, this debut release by the highly elusive Stackoverflow is, quite simply, offensive noisy techno fit to elicit fights among your loved ones. Includes a hilarious reinterpretation of the "famous" Hampster Dance song as well as a rare Kalx remix. * For full artwork and information please visit the official album page on
Keywords: Noise; Rhythmic Noise
Downloads: 3,020 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]contra36: Skism - Exploit Code - Skism
Repetition is so fantastic, anti-glop. Listening to a dial tone in Bb, until American Tel & Tel messed and turned it into a mediocre whistle, was fine. Short waves minus an antenna give off various noises, band wave pops and drones, hums, that can be tuned at will and which are very beautiful. Eastern music is allowed to have repetition. That's ok for glops with strawhats and dulcimers between their blue legs.....
Keywords: rhythmic noise; minimal
Downloads: 308
[audio]Human Weapon - Tantalizing So Many [2012]
After months of frequent delays, it is finally unleashed. 13 tracks in a rugged, dirty journey of twisted IDM, melodic delights, beats beats and more beats laced with erotica in a pure strong noisey trance that many will find so tantalizing..
Keywords: Rhythmic Noise IDM Industrial
Downloads: 162
Track listing Aesthetic Perfection - The Violence Converter-Stand Beside Him (and stab him) Hypercomplex - Slaughter To Mega Therion - The Sons of Asmodeous Kaos-Frequenz - Killing Dog Organic Cage - Programm Interrupt prmetheus buRning - robitussin relapse Manufactura - ControlDominationResponse Schultz - Today (Bitch Per Minutes Remix) Xotox - Zweischicht Embodi - All Night! Phosgore - Pain Tutorial (Traumatized By Xotox) Rosewater - Quogve Procedura Terrofakt - Welcome To Hell Xtructure - Tam...
Keywords: Dj SET: Rhythmic NOIZ: INDUSTRAIL
Downloads: 76
[audio]zect_bu2005 - zect_bu
music and sounds from the year 2005 web site: zect_bu
Keywords: electroacoustic, experimental, rhythmic, dark, textures
Downloads: 313
[audio]Storms (by Jared Blackburn) - Jared Blackburn
Fast paced, highly rhythmic synthesized music, with drums as a the lead instrument and slow, ambient background chords.
Keywords: drums; rhythm; rhythmic; synthesized; jazzy
Downloads: 81
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